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Custom Spiral Staircases

Fast Fence can help you create the staircase of your dreams. Whether you are looking for traditional circular stairs, custom stairs or straight and floating architectural stairs, we can help you find the staircase to fit your needs. We can build your spiral staircase standard or customized to meet your needs.

We offer both circular stairs and architectural stairs in a variety of metals including steel, and stainless steel. Our staircases are designed to suit any size space and range from simply utilitarian spiral stairs to complex and elegant floating designs. Curved stairs are great for those difficult layout situations, for loft spaces, or to complete a dramatic entrance way.

When you are looking for quality work, along with fast results, Fast Fence is the right choice. Letting us build your custom staircase opens up a world of possibilities to build the staircase of your dreams. You have access to all the different materials and styles that we offer. The finished product will be built to the exact height specifications and diameter you require, with the quality you want. We optimize every element of the construction, ensuring that the finished product is beautiful, durable, and fits exactly within its intended space.