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Iron Fences

We at Fast Fence believe in building our clients the best iron fences with top quality products, and in doing so there are many things we take into considerations. Houston humidity and heat is a primary factor to consider when choosing a fencing material. With the proper care, even generations of home owners can enjoy the beauty and benefits of an iron fence.

The installation process is relatively straightforward for an iron fence. Of coarse we do take into consideration the moisture levels in the ground and dig the proper post holes as well as use the right kind of concrete collar. Another type of installation is on top of brick or concrete walls as an extension of the iron fence. A lot of homeowners often opt for this option for added privacy, or the better retention of children or pets.

The look and design of our ornamental iron fencing is as broad and all-encompassing as you can imagine it.We have access to a wide variety of panels of iron fence. From the actual panel of the iron fence to the finials atop the posts, full customization is always an option.